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Welcome to the home of a young, dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, and quality software development firm.
Welcome to vSolve Software Solutions.

With the depth and breadth of experience and skills to cover a wide range of software design and development, we specialise in the following areas:
  • Simple to large C++ applications
  • 2D/3D Games to Apps Development for Android/iOS/PC (in association with iViz3D)
  • 3D modelling to database solutions
  • Graphics and Virtual Reality to Web-based developments

Our skills and experience include:
  • Programming: C++/Managed C++/C#, VB, DLL, Multithreaded and Socket programming.
  • Mobile Programming: Unity Games/Apps Development.
  • 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality development: OpenGL based graphics libraries including OpenScenegraph, OpenSG, OpenGL Performer, Cosmo3D; wxWidgets (GUI toolkit), etc.
  • 3D CAD systems: Modelling and programming experience with SolidWorks, AutoCAD (AutoLISP/DCL).
  • Web based development: PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Database: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access.
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