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This project makes a step change to the world of 3D scanning, converting the millions of scattered point cloud data into a few sets of simple, manageable and effective CAD model.

The project involved the development of state of the art software for interactive visualization, analysis, optimisation, rationalisation and fixing of 3D laser scanned or aerial photographed point cloud data.

The software takes in point-cloud data in various formats and creates 3D mesh model using a novel “slice-and-mesh supported with cellular-matrix” approach, allows intelligent multiple sectioning in three directions, auto-adjustment of the corners, noise-filtering, bridging the gap for the shadowed data, optimised output, etc. Patent pending for the novel mathematical approach for automatically identifying and readjusting corners.

Development work was carried out using C++, OpenSG, wxWidgets, etc

3D scan data optimiser
3D scan data optimiser
Point-cloud simplification-
Point-cloud simplification 1
Point-cloud simplification
Point-cloud simplification 2
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